How to make “Golden Honey” to fight colds
It is winter! Viruses and bacteria are floating around and many of us stay in bed with a cold. In the tibetan medicine they have a natural remedy against flu symptoms called “Golden Honey” – a mixture of honey and curcuma.
Curcuma is a very special root. It has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effect. That means you can use curcuma for joint pain, cholesterol, high blood pressure and intestinal problems.
Honey is the best natural antibiotic. It helps to strenghten your immune system, to fight cold symptoms and to keep your intestinal flora healthy.
So how do you make “Golden Honey”?
You just need to mix 100g of honey with 15g of curcuma powder until it is fully dissolved.
If you suffer from a cold you have to:
  • take on the first day one tea spoon every 2 hours
  • on the second day one tea spoon every 3 hours
  • and on the third day three times one tea spoon
After this you can kiss the winterflu goodbye!
How to make “Golden Honey” to fight colds